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My name is Dale King  and I’m passionate about kitchen knives.

I’ve been a keen cook since my late teens and I can still remember the excitement of buying my first kitchen knife….


My passion for Kitchen Knives

Back in 1984 I started an apprenticeship within the catering industry. I remember receiving my very first wage packet but rather than blow it on music and clothes like any other teenager might, I decided to invest mine in a kitchen knife.

Not just any old kitchen knife mind. This was a 20cm/8 inch all-purpose knife made by German company, Gustav Emil Ern.  Something like this…

I remember feeling a real buzz of excitement when the store owner unlocked the glass cabinet and placed the knife in my palm. The sleekness of the handle, the perfect balance as it sat in the hand , even the glint of high quality stainless steel  as it caught the light was something that sticks in my mind even now. 

I parted with my £25.00 (just under half my wages in those days) and walked out of the store. That’s how my love affair with kitchen knives started.

Ever since then, I’ve owned a fair few kitchen knives from Sabatier to Global and even now, I can’t resist going into a cookware shop and checking out the latest makes and models.   

So why trust me? 

I’ve worked in restaurants and ran my own catering business and have spent decades chopping, slicing, dicing and julienning. So I’d like to think I know a bit about what makes a  quality knife!

Although no longer in the food industry, I’m still an avid cook and use my knives pretty much every day.

Blade Sharp Kitchen Knives and Accessories 

The aim of this website is to give you the lowdown on the latest chef’s knives and accessories.

So if you’re confused by what makes a good  European or Japanese chef’s knife, what chef’s knives you should own or how to best care for your knives and accessories, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Check out our various categories for the best information and some great deals along the way.

Alternatively, why not check out the Blade-Sharp blog where I attempt to answer some of the most frequently asked questions so you can stay fully informed.

I hope to connect with you soon and I hope you get all the information you need from this site.

In the meantime…

Stay Blade Sharp!